Brother Ali / Chuck Prophet / Laura Tenenbaum (Oceans Melting Greenland Project)

July 04, 2018

It’s an eclectic encore broadcast this week as we revisit our show featuring hip-hop artist and community activist Brother Ali, who shares his unique take on rap music, as well as stories on his background, what it was like growing up with albinism, and his musical quest to spread a positive message through music. Also with us is long-time friend of the show, Chuck Prophet, plus a check in with Laura Tenenbaum, a scientist from NASA, to hear a...

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eTown Archive - Chuck Prophet (2009)

July 02, 2018

If anyone was born with a rock and roll heart, it's Chuck Prophet. A long-time friend of the show, Chuck has gained a cult following since he began recording and producing music in 1985. He's been on the show 4 times and today we look back on one of our favorites from 2009. "Let Freedom Ring" - "Barely Exist" - "You and Me Baby (Holding On)"

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eTown Archive - Colin Hay (2013)

June 30, 2018

Scottish-born, Australian singer/songwriter Colin Hay, of Men at Work fame, has always been a fan-favorite when he visits the eTown stage. He has accomplished quite a lot throughout his solo career, putting out 13 albums! Join us as we revisit his trip to eTown from back in 2013.

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eTown On The Road: JJ Grey / Cicada Rhythm / Melaney Smith (Books For Keeps)

June 27, 2018

In this week’s ‘back by popular demand’ podcast/broadcast, eTown turns on the southern charm as the crew heads to Athens, Georgia for a very special installment of our ‘eTown on the road’ ongoing series. We’ll be coming to you from the legendary Georgia Theater, joined by both a local musical group Cicada Rhythm and our longtime eTown friend (and singer/songwriter extraordinaire) JJ Grey. We’ll hav...

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eTown Archive - KT Tunstall (2007)

June 25, 2018

Fresh off the success of her hit song "Big Black Horse and A Cherry Tree", Scottish rocker KT Tunstall joined us at the Boulder Theatre back in 2007 for a memorable evening of music and conversation.

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