Marlon Williams / Esmé Patterson / Doug Vilsack (Elephant Energy)

April 25, 2018

This week on the eTown airwaves we’re joined by award-winning singer/songwriter/guitarist and New Zealand native Marlon Williams! Known until recently for performing more in the country, bluegrass, and folk realm, Marlon‘s latest musical direction explores several different genres ranging anywhere from pop to 50s doo-wop to country/Americana crooning in a way that reveals his ever-reaching efforts to grow and evolve as a musician. Also with us is indie-folk singer/songwriter Esmé Patterson, who has been making some waves over the last couple years since going solo. All of that plus a conversation with Doug Vilsack, founder of Elephant Energy, a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing small-scale renewable energy to African countries and the Navajo Nation.

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